I keep hearing about this thing called “Organ Harvesting”. And over the years I have been hearing from colleagues about isolated stories were Black People they know have either been kidnapped or know someone whos friends went missing and when the body was found, they where missing organs? You just listen and think, wow what a crazy made up story. But recently I have been hearing from people I know about friends of theirs or family members that have had that same experience. So I decided to dig a little deeper into this myth. WELL IT IS NOT A MYTH!

Human Organs being transported for another patient
In 2017, the BBC broadcasted an investigative program called “Undercover Video of Human Organ Traders”, were refugees in the Middle East, especially passing through Egypt, are illegally selling their organs to the black market just to eat. It is rumoured to be a multi billion dollar business and this is where I think the idea has now spread to places like the USA and the Caribbean. Here is a quote from one of the BBC web sites “The World Health Organisation says that more than 10,000 human organs are being sold illegally every year. Billions of pounds are tied up in the trade, with the Middle East now considered the global hub.” Organ Harvesting is real.

In 2012, the Al-Jeezera News Network broadcasted an episode called “People & Power – The Organ Traders”. It was found that rich people in Israel would pay high money for illegal organs, because they do not want to die early. One very successful business man told the reporter that he payed and now has in his body an illegal Kidney, Lung and a Heart! After doing my initial research, I became to realise that those stories from my friends, now, seemed very real. A worrying trend, that I found about the recent kidnappings, is that Black People are the main targets and the need for organs from “Black or Darker Skinned Persons” are on the rise. My question is “Why?”.

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A healthy organ is in high demand

There is a belief that “Black People” are the strongest race and rich people in need of an illegal organ believe that if the organ is taken from a Black Person, the organ will have a better chance of surviving in a new body and it would be stronger to fight rejections and infections. A quote from another web site said “In 2016, according to the American Transplant Foundation, 123,000 people in the United States were on the waiting list to receive an organ and every 12 minutes a new name is added to the list with an average of 21 people dying each day due to lack of organ availability.”

According to the Atlanta Black Star media company reporting on missing persons in the USA, “Since 2010, 135,000 of whom were black and 64,000 were black women.” Black Missing persons have now increased. According to the USA Missing Persons Statistics web site, in 2018; 207,394 Black Persons where filed as missing up from 135,000 only eight years ago! Is Organ Harvesting rising?

World prices for illegal organs

In 2017, Jamaica went through a rash of missing young girls and when their bodies where found, it was unofficially reported that their organs where missing and sold to the rich in the USA. It was said that organs from a dead girl is easier to cover up because when she goes missing it would be thought that she was originally abducted for the sex trade or a rape that went bad. In 2019 an American girl wrote on her Facebook page that recently a man slowly backed into her car with his big van and then asked her to come out to see if there is any damage. She locked her door, wound the window down slightly and asked for his insurance papers. He insisted she come out and check the damage firsts, but she refused to leave her car and then he quickly drove off. Statistics show that Kidnapping Black People in America has risen.

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So recently when my friend told me that their best friend used to work on a Caribbean cruise ship and that one time they ported in Europe, one of their Black girlfriends went drinking in a bar alone, and later woke up on the dock beside the cruise liner. She felt a pain in here side and when she pulled up her shirt, she had stitches across her stomach. She was rushed to the hospital, where it was reported that she had an organ removed. She said the only thing she remembered was that she was drinking at the bar, then woke up at the dock later?

Illegal Organs For Sale

FB Advise: Be vigilant of your surroundings when in a foreign environment. If travelling, avoid traveling or drinking alone. If in a small car accident, where you feel unsafe or the other vehicle is a large vehicle or van, do not get out of your vehicle, call and report the accident to the police and wait until they arrive. Understand that the demand for organs from Black People is big business, we do not want to alarm you, but just be careful.


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