Denting people’s image has become the joy of some people – Abbeam Danso

Written by on December 16, 2020

Founding Leader of the Abbeam Ministries, Rev. Dr Abbeam Ampomah Danso has questioned the empathy of some Ghanaians that find interest in tarnishing the hard-earned reputation of others.

In a Facebook Live Video, the Reverend Minister highlighted instances where people take keen enthusiasm in encouraging the spread of lies about their fellow Ghanaians who may have higher or reputable positions.

“When will Ghanaians find interest in the progress of their fellows,” He quizzed.

“Looks like efforts made to tarnish the image of others have become the joy of some people of late. People can connive just to tarnish the image of others.

“Someone can say things regarding others as though they were co-tenants. Even taking pictures with others, someone will want to use that for a discussion. Some also talk to others and exaggerate just so you lose your loved ones and even people who look after you.
“From where Ghana is heading, are we not ready for a change? Someone talks and you know perfectly well that the person is communicating lies but you still want to believe! You know that whatever the other is saying is going to rip the reputation of the other fellow but you decide to heed that…

“When will Ghanaians vouch for the progress of their fellows. What are we gaining from this world.?” Rev. Dr Abbeam added

Rev. Dr Abbeam, therefore, revealed that efforts made to rip off the good repute of others are so rampant with Ghanaians such that it leads to disputes and destroying good relationships.

However, he advised that people should have a change of mind and eschew defaming the reputations of other people as it is of no importance.

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