For sometime now, Afro Pop and Reggae/Dancehall music genres brewed from African origin have
succeeded in crawling up to cross borders where nobody ever thought of.
Individual musicians have done their parts selling the genres out there, hence the wider acceptance of the culture by people from
other continents.
One articulate writer and skilful musician comes to mind when it comes to persons
working harder to put the name of Ghana and Africa as a whole onto the map of the world in modern
times, Delly Dzima.
Delly Dzima is a young writer who expresses knowledge and excitement through good music.
Born and bred in Ghana, he has toured parts of Europe with his music career playing live band music with known and unknown arts from different parts of the world.
Delly Dzima’s singing art curves around Afro Pop, Reggae, Dance hall, R & B and traditional African music genres.
His debut recorded single, “Your Mother (alime s3)”, which features the VRMG’s president, Edem is a pure dance music of an Afro Pop genre produced by the award winning producer, Willis Beat.
The single is available worldwide on all digital stores, streaming platforms, TV channel and your favorite
radio station.
Please support our own artists by streaming, downloading and sharing.

Delly Dzima x Edem
Your Mother (Alime Sen)
Delly Dzima x Edem  Your Mother (Alime Sen)

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