Super producer and record label boss Don Jazzy has advised artistes to engage more with their fans in order to make the most out of their music.
The Mavin boss posted this message on social media platform Twitter after agreeing with a post made earlier by American RnB singer Chris Brown.
In the singer’s post, he was encouraging his fans to purchase his music both online and in physical stores to ensure that his album goes to number one in the Billboard charts.
Chris Brown also told his fans that they would organize a listening party on social media to keep his album trending.
Don Jazzy seemed to agree with Chris Brown and in his post said that times are changing and so artistes should make better use of social media and their fans in order to get their music to the top just as Chris Brown was trying to do.
He added that this is not the time for artistes to raise their shoulders because they have a high social media following.
He wrote:
“Dear artists. Times have changed o. This Chris brown’s post is enough to let you know that water don pass garri.
Engage with your fans. This is not the time to form Jugunu for algorithm ooo. Twitter and Instagram Algo no send person.”

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