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How to Create Your Own Live 24/7 Radio Station

Written by on May 8, 2020

Consistency is key for any internet radio station growing an audience. You want to provide the experience of a live 24/7 radio station, even if you aren’t actually live. Nothing is going to kill audience interest faster than if they tune in and your station is off-air.

Thankfully, Lens Networks provides all the tools so you can create a live 24/7 radio station, without actually being live.

When creating your live 24/7 radio station, you should start by creating playlists. The wonderful thing about playlists is that they allow you to broadcast music without a DJ, and when combined with some of our other features, can be used to create the illusion of a live broadcast being streamed directly to your listeners.

Once you have put all these together, you have everything you need to present a live 24/7 radio station experience, even if you’re not live. Whether you’re too busy, unavailable, or having DJ issues, Lens Networks gives you all the tools that you need to keep entertaining, no matter what.

Interested in turning your station into a 24 hour powerhouse? Join Lens Networks and start broadcasting today.

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