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Nana Hemaa Lyrical Out with a New Bouncing Hip Hop Jam

Rap Songstress Nana Hemaa Lyrical has been around the game for a few years now and currently coming in stronger than she ever had, in recent times she made a remark towards claiming the Rap Queen position from Eno something huge to achieve.

Interestingly Nana Hemaa Lyrical this time round sends a strong message to people with very bad attitudes on the Flow Riddim hosted by Central Region’s Award winning DJ, Diijay Nat Bubu and produced by Skibeatz Classic.
This new song has a deep strong lyrics that everyone can relate to.

Kindly Find the song below for download

Nana Hemaa Lyrical
Nipa Y3 Bad
Nana Hemaa Lyrical  Nipa Y3 Bad

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