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Freedom and Justice

The co-producer of the new film ‘Freedom and Justice’ is calling on the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) to compensate him for the damages incurred after the premiere of the movie was stopped. Taking to Facebook, Kobby Rana stated that “thousands” of people have been affected by the Authority’s decision to close the venues for the […]

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) says it has not banned the Kobi Rana directed film ‘Freedom and Justice.’ In a press statement posted on its Facebook platform, the Authority said it was only enforcing the President’s directive when it prohibited the premiere of the movie. The Authority stated that the President was clear in his […]


Government has banned the public premiering of the widely publicized movie dubbed Freedom and Justice by Kobi Rana The movie which talks about Politics and the fight against corruption was expected to premiere across the country. Kafui Danku who is a cast in the movie made this known in a post she shared on her […]