How far can you go to achieve  your dream? Whats the extreme? Humans are mostly driven but passion to keep doing things they love doing. Personally we would all have a reason to why we just can’t give up on certain things.
Over  the weekend I met this young man who was selling hardcopies of his works which happens to be his new Extended Playlist (EP) titled “This Is Nothing For The Radio”. Odd title for an album right? Yeah. As curious as I was decided to buy a copy and listen to as to why he decided to choose this title.
Surprisingly the tracks on the album were better than what we mostly hear on our radio. So I asked him why he chose the title “This Is Nothing For The Radio”. According to him, he is motivated by facts and wanted to create music that would stand the test of time and not a tape that would be played a couple of times on the radio and then forgotten about.
He Goes by the name Jo’ Wayne which was derived from his real name Jonathan Elorm Wayne. Let me tell you something that would interest you as well, Jo’ Wayne is a level 600 Doctor of Laboratory Medicine, a student at the University of Development Studies and is also an alumnus of the University of Cape Coast.
Aside Singing Dr Elorm Wayne is also surprisingly good at producing music,  mixing and mastering as well. Now why would a doctor spend more time in music? He said “I see the making of music as some sort of therapy because it is something i can always run to whenever I need to escape stress.
He continued saying it is an avenue for me to extend messages being given to him by my inner voices to the world.
Later that night I decided to dig into his profile and it turned out he started doing music before 2012. Wow. How was he doing it? Well, I didn’t get the chance to ask him, but I can say he loves what he does, and after listening to his album, he’s just perfect at it. CurrentIy I haven’t been able to choose a favourite, they are all Lit, you would have to check the album. “Win” puts my emotions on a rollercoaster.
Guys you seriously have to check this Album
You can request for the hardcopy via (+233 54 896 1557) or are get it digitally on iTunes.

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