VIDEO: Slay Queen narrates how Ghanaian ladies sleep with dogs for money in Dubai

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A Slay Queen who gave her name as Mona Gucci has told the world stories of how Ghanaian Slay Queens are being sodomized and forced to sleep with dogs all in the name of getting some dollars to flaunt on social media in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In an interview on Accra-based Neat FM, Mona said some ladies in Ghana and Nigeria have been made the stooges of Dubai-based rich men who sodomize women for just pleasure during their leisure.

According to her, what is done is that these rich men get in touch with especially ladies who are on television; reason for the craze of being television presenters by a number of ladies in Ghana.

She said when these ladies are contacted, they sometimes are picked from Ghana by Private Jets or their travel expenses are being paid for so they will travel to Dubai to satisfy these rich men who take pleasure in sodomizing the African ladies.

In her pathetic account, she revealed how these group of rich men come together and play the game of ‘truth or dare’ and sometimes get all their friends to sleep with just one lady.

Although Mona has not been sodomized before, she indicates that she’s currently looking for agents who will link her up with such men in Dubai because a lot of money is paid for being sodomized and she can’t wait to get that money and flaunt her riches on social media.

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